Dental Crowns in Ave Maria, FL

Dental Crowns in Ave Maria, FL

While porcelain crowns may last you from 15-20 years, accidents happen. Accidental damage to crowns is exceedingly common if you don't practice caution. If you experienced complications with your dental crowns in Ave Maria, FL, our team is ready and eager to treat you.

How Do Crowns Break?

There are many reasons your crown could crack or wear down. From grinding to poor hygiene, there are many ways in which your crowns can wear out. Surprisingly, certain foods may even be a reason for the damage.

Commonly known as teeth grinding, bruxism is one of the worst things for teeth and porcelain crowns. The constant force may wear down teeth and crack your crowns.

Chewing foods such as ice or hard candies is a great way to break your enamel despite being the toughest component of the human body. Designed to be just as durable as enamel, porcelain crowns also have a hard time handling ice and other tough foods.

Are Broken Teeth and Crowns Painful?

If your broken tooth has exposed nerves, you will indeed feel pain. This will make eating and drinking very painful. However, sometimes you may not notice a broken tooth right away, only realizing when your tongue finds the jagged edge.

What to Do When a Crown Breaks

Whether or not it's cracked or you have a total break, contact your cosmetic dentist for a treatment plan. Despite feeling like this is a dire emergency, a broken tooth that isn't painful or causing discomfort can wait for treatment. Usually, only dire cases need attention on the same day. All others can set an appointment for the next day or two.

However, when a tooth breaks, almost always, it's considered an emergency. Broken teeth are the leading reason for emergency dentistry. You'll be visiting your regular, family dentist to either have the tooth repaired with fillings or to have it extracted.

Treatment for both crowns and teeth are similar; if not repairable, they'll need replacement. We always try to repair before we replace, some of the methods we use to do so can include:

  • Crowns- A covering that slips over the tooth.
  • Veneers- Improves aesthetics by covering up imperfections such as crowding or stains.
  • Implants- Severe breaks may require an artificial tooth replacement.
  • Bonding- By using a blue light-activated solution, dentists can repair some cracks.

On the other hand, crowns have just one option for repair, composite resin. Cracks, hairline fractures, and chipped crowns may all be fixable. However, if the chip is significant enough, the crown will need to be replaced.

Dental Crowns in Ave Maria, FL

If you've suffered an oral emergency resulting in needing a new crown, look no further for treatment than us. We have a long history of treating dental emergencies, making us perfect for your family's needs. Contact us to set an appointment or to find out if the pain you feel needs immediate attention.

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