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Dentures in Ave Maria FL

Cosmetic dentistry provides cutting-edge solutions for a variety of conditions, such as smile makeovers or smile design. Dentures play a vital role in the revitalization of your smile and facial profile. However, the dentures from Ave Maria Fl will never loosen or need to be taken out nightly.

What are Hybrid Dentures

As when all things evolve, new models outperform their predecessors. Their full name is hybrid implant dentures, and they take the best qualities of dentures and implants to create an altogether better option. By doing so, these are a set of dentures that you want to wear.

Benefits of Implanted Dentures

Hybrid dentures are dentures that we install to the tops of implants. Doing so grants many perks that traditional options lack, such as looking and feeling as if they were natural. They’re so realistic that most people won’t realize they’re artificial.

As to be expected, having a pair of these instead of traditional dentures helps maintain your bite force. Older models relied on adhesives to keep them in place while hybrids get secured with a screw.

Implanted dentures don’t have the roofs that the older styles did. Those tended to suppress the joys of eating and drinking by blocking taste and feel. With these, you will never have to worry about them dislodging during chewing because they will never budge.

For instances where you would like dentures but also want to salvage several Much like implants, these can’t be removed, which comes with many benefits. Teeth, this is your solution. We can work around pre-existing teeth while filling in the gaps around them. Your dentist will review all your options during your appointment.

Another major perk of hybrids is that they are much more natural than past models. Traditional dentures need to be removed and soaked overnight after you rinse them off. All you need to do at night is brush, floss, and catch Z’s. In the same vein, these can minimize the potential for embarrassing situations. Imagine losing your pearly’s while eating, talking, or kissing.

Post-Op Recovery

These surgeries come with a recovery timeline in which you will need to follow. You’ll need to pass on hard foods for the first three months after the procedure. The only reason is that the prosthesis-covering your implants cant handle anything but softer foods, or you’ll risk breaking it.

You will need to get used to the loss of feeling. You will no longer have feeling in your crowns during chewing or brushing. This may also adversely affect your brushing, so make sure your brush thoroughly.

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