Sedation and Anti-Anxiety Dentistry

We understand that many patients fear the dentist and have had past dental experiences, anxiety symptoms, or a gag reflex that keeps them from going to the dentist. If you are one of them, we welcome you to come visit us and learn first hand just how gentle and caring we can be. At Ave Maria Dental in Ave Maria, FL, we want you to feel comfortable from the moment you call. Dr. Wisdom Akpaka is not only friendly and compassionate but also prides himself in providing gentle, painless dental care.

Before examining your mouth, cleaning your teeth, or beginning to treat any oral health problem, Dr. Wisdom will talk with you about your medical and dental history, and discuss your concerns and goals. The entire dental team will take time to get to know you and help you relax. The dentist will fully explain the recommended procedures and help you make treatment decisions. When a procedure is performed, you can take breaks by giving us the non-verbal signal we practice with you.

For anxious patients, Dr. Wisdom has expertise in administering safe sedation options. One of these options is nitrous oxide, also known as “laughing gas.” Nitrous oxide is a safe and effective sedative agent that is mixed with oxygen and inhaled through a small mask that fits over your nose to help you relax. You will be able to hear and respond to your dentist and dental assistant. Another option is a safe oral medication taken before the procedure that helps you relax. This is known as “oral moderate sedation.” Although you become fully relaxed, you will be able to hear and respond to your dentist and dental assistant, just as you would with nitrous oxide. These two medical options not only remove anxiety but also greatly reduce the gag reflex some patients experience.

Many patients are worried about pain, and this can be a source of anxiety. At Ave Maria Dental, our dentists are gentle, kind, and care about your concerns. Keep in mind that today’s local anesthetics are powerful. If you are having a dental procedure that could be painful, your gum tissue will be numbed with a topical anesthetic. When you are numb, your dentist will gently inject a local anesthetic that blocks all potential pain.

Some patients experience one or more of the following anxiety symptoms when they go to the dentist:

  • Nausea
  • An elevated heart rate
  • Sweating palms
  • Crying
  • Feelings of panic
  • Difficulty breathing

If you experience these symptoms, please do not be embarrassed. Our dentists are medically trained to professionally handle these.

Would you like an anti-anxiety dentist focused on making dentistry comfortable for you?

If you live in the Ave Maria area and have delayed a check up, teeth cleaning, or dental treatment because you are anxious, we want to help you. Just reach out, tell us about yourself, and schedule an initial appointment. Dr. Wisdom Akpaka will partner with you in developing a special plan for your care and eliminating your fear of the dentist.

Invisalign® Orthodontics

Dr. Wisdom Akpaka (“Dr. Wisdom”) is a certified Invisalign® provider. By wearing a sequence of clear aligning trays called “aligners”, teeth can be gently shifted into place. Adults and teens appreciate the clearness of the aligners and their smoothness. Best of all, the aligners are removable, so you can take them out for special occasions, and you will remove them to eat and clean your teeth.

Optimal alignment of teeth typically can be achieved within 12 to 18 months, and the cost is not more than the cost of traditional wire and bracket braces. The effectiveness of Invisalign® orthodontics is well documented, and more than one million individuals have been treated using this technology.

Words From Dr. Wisdom

Wisdom D. Akpaka

“I am passionate about providing quality care in a gentle environment that is comfortable for patients of all ages and experiences. I take pride in helping patients who fear going to the dentist and patients who have worries about their oral health. I am committed to lifelong learning and providing the best of care whether you are in due for a cleaning and checkup, have a tooth that is painful, suspect you need a filling or crown, want to replace a missing tooth, want a smile makeover, or are suffering from a complex of multiple oral health problems. I also strive to make dental care as affordable as possible for the families and individuals I am privileged to serve. At Ave Maria Dental, our mission is to provide exceptional care and exceptional service in a friendly and compassionate environment. Let us help you achieve optimal oral health and a confident smile.”