The Best Veneers Ave Maria FL

The Best Veneers in Ave Maria FL

Veneers are a popular way of correcting imperfections to create a perfect smile. With their many uses, they are likely to be a solution for you too! So if you’re looking for the best veneers in Ave Maria Fl, you’ve come to the right place.

What Are Veneers?

Commonly made from porcelain, veneers are great for restoring smiles. Crafted from porcelain, or a resin composite material, they’re made into an outer layer for your teeth. These provide the strength once afforded by healthy enamel as well as matching its resilience.

Lastly, these are tailor-made for your mouth, ensuring a perfect fit. We will take a few snapshots of your teeth, but impressions work just as well. These are then sent to a lab that customizes the veneers to your specifications. 3D printing has greatly increased production time.

Cometic Enhancers

Veneers are growing in popularity as a way to fix crooked teeth. However, the fix is strictly cosmetic, not a functional correction. Veneers hide the imperfections and crookedness, while others, such as braces, do realign teeth.

These are a great way to correct discolored teeth. Tobacco, medication, food, drinks, aging, and many other factors can contribute to discoloring. These color variations can be yellow, brown, and black. The condition called “fluorosis” causes white spots if exposed to too much fluoride. All can be covered up with veneers.

These are long-term solutions yet aren’t considered permanent. With proper care, these can last for decades before they will need to be replaced. In some instances, the patients who the most care for them may never need to replace them.

Despite the need for replacement, these aren’t reversible. For them to attach to your teeth, your teeth are filed down before the veneers are set. Once the enamel is filed away, it can’t regenerate. This requires them to stay on all the affected teeth.

Proper Care

Stick to your scheduled checkups. The reason for biannual visits is to keep them clean and find any problems before they have a chance to worsen. Just like teeth, veneers need to be kept up for them to last.

Don’t stop brushing your teeth. Like before, brushing twice a day keeps bacteria away. If you let tarter and plaque continue to build up, it can lead to far worse things than halitosis—the buildup of tarter causes cavities and gum disease. Similarly, be sure to maintain flossing once a day too. Just be careful not to floss too aggressively around your new veneers.

Your teeth aren’t tools or weapons, so don’t use them in those manners. Your pearly whites should only be used to chew and grind food, not for opening packages or chomping on ice. Veneers can chip just as easily as teeth can, so be mindful when eating crunchy foods or sipping on drinks with ice.

Looking for the Best Veneers in Ave Maria, FL?

We pride ourselves on our safe and clean office, which we open to you and your family. Whether you or your child needs oral care, we have your needs covered! Are you ready to see how veneers can improve your smile? Be sure to contact us to set an appointment soon!

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