Wisdom Teeth Removal Ave Maria FL

Wisdom Teeth Removal Ave Maria FL

Of all 32 teeth, wisdom teeth have the highest chance of causing complications once they erupt, often leading to extraction. Ranking in as the most challenging teeth to extract, they're also the most frequently removed. Among our services, we provide quality wisdom teeth removal in Ave Maria, FL.

What are Wisdom Teeth?

Despite the name, these won't grant you superintelligence. The name is due to their development happening later in life, much like wisdom. It can take up to 21 years for these teeth to grow after birth.

Given that many have these teeth pulled, it's fair to wonder why we have them and if they serve a purpose. Anthropologists suggest that they are specially adapted teeth that aided in chewing raw foods such as meat, nuts, roots, and other more challenging foods.

Why Do We Pull Them?

Evidence shows that human jaws used to be larger, but several key factors have caused them to change in size and shape. These mutations have been passed down through the generations, causing a lack of room to house them all. Here are some of the factors that led to this.

Historical Causes

We no longer eat the identical diets that our ancestors did. Culinary revolutions have considerably softened our diets. This has led to weaker tongues and less muscle use that affect mouth development and muscle growth.

Human tongues, at one point, were rougher and firmer than what we currently possess. A strong tongue applies pressure to round off arches which expands your mouth. Without this constant pressure, jaws shrink, leading to less room for molars.

Much like diets, breastfeeding leads to sturdier tongues and stronger muscles. Much like coarser meats, this promotes increased muscle exercise. The combination of these two benefits makes breastfeeding so crucial in developmental years.

Modern Health Concerns

When these teeth occupy a space that they don't fit in, this causes pain. Severity varies case by case. The medical term for teeth not properly fitting is called impacted teeth. Impacted molars are typically the reason why these are extracted.

Their notoriously hard to clean; flossing can be next to impossible. For these reasons, food particles often become trapped in the back of our mouths, which breaks down the enamel, leading to decay.

Impacted teeth have the potential to cause cysts or tumors on your jawbones. These can cause extreme discomfort in your jaw joint, and the expertise of a TMJ specialist will be needed. To put the severity into perspective, this is beyond the scope of regular dentistry.

Another common issue rooted in impacted teeth is overcrowding. Erupting in an already packed mouth forces neighboring teeth out of the way. This causes misalignment, which may require invisible aligners or braces to correct.

Need Wisdom Teeth Removal in Ave Maria, FL?

If you're experiencing a pain in the rear of your jaw, you may have need a tooth extracted. No matter the cause, rear molar pain is usually only stopped by extraction. Contact us today for swift, emergency dental work.

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